If you’re serious about Chinese Medicine, there’s no better way to hone your skills than by learning from the acclaimed world expert, Bob Doane AEMP, L.Ac, DIPL. C.H.

Students and professionals from all over the world use his unique training materials to significantly improve their skills in Chinese Medicine and acupuncture.

What do the materials in Doane Online Education help you do?

  • Dramatically upgrade your mastery of acupuncture, herbal medicine and meditation skills.
  • Unlock the secrets of Bob’s acclaimed Medical Pulse Diagnosis®(MPD®) technique that elite and beginning practitioners all over the world use.
  • Teach you advanced level Distal Needling Acupuncture® (DNASM) techniques and advanced herbal knowledge to treat any type of health condition or disease.
  • Reveal the highly effective business management skills you need to build a lucrative Chinese Medicine practice.

When you enroll as a member, you’ll have access to the techniques that have helped Bob Doane build one of the largest Chinese Medicine clinics in the U.S.

Our membership tiers include hundreds of videos taking you deep inside every major aspect of Chinese Medicine. These videos present advanced clinical cases, pulse discoveries, herbal discoveries and much more.

You’ll also receive our weekly Treatment Strategy video with Bob Doane, each filled with valuable practice management insights and more.

Over 400 case studies and previous episodes are included with your membership.

Bob Doane ranks among the giants in the Chinese Medicine industry. He is an acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine expert, and has run a remarkably successful private clinic in Poulsbo, WA, since 1998.

In an industry where many practitioners are happy to see 10-15 patients a day, Bob’s clinic in a community of just 11,000 residents treats 80-100 patient visits daily, year after year.

New and veteran Chinese Medicine practitioners seek out Bob’s advice and mentorship from all over the world. Included among his students are elite master practitioners trained in China.

His paid Residency Position and exclusive Platinum Online Residency Training are among the most desirable in the industry.

What Can This Training Do for You?

Nine months from now you can be a more proficient practitioner of Chinese Medicine.  You will have a highly advanced knowledge of acupuncture, pulse diagnosis and other skills that are virtually unmatched among your peers. 

Plus, you’ll have a solid, personalized business plan that can launch the clinic of your dreams.

Is This Membership For You?

  • Beginning students of Chinese Medicine looking for a fast career start.
  • Graduates with several years of experience, dissatisfied with their career progress so far.
  • Highly experienced practitioners seeking to hone their skills and ramp up their business.

Bob Doane's School of Chinese Medicine

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Tired of so-called training programs filled with just the basics? Need the secrets to which, until now, only elite professionals had access? Delay no longer. Place your confidence in the hands of a recognized master of his craft. Bob Doane’s techniques are now taught in over 30 countries and Bob has been a keynote speaker at the largest Traditional Chinese Medicine forum at Rothenburg, Germany. His book on Medical Pulse Diagnosis® is one of the best selling Chinese Medicine books on Amazon.

Bob Doane's School of Chinese Medicine