Marcus Gadau

Marcus completed a 5-year undergraduate program at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (BUCM) and graduated with 1st class honors. He then spent 5 years at the Hong Kong Baptist University’s (HKBU) TCM research institute for his postgraduate training and obtained a Ph.D. in Evidenced-Based Chinese Medicine research.

Marcus published multiple papers in various well-respected medical journals and has been living in Munich, Germany for the past 5 years. He runs a successful TCM clinic together with his wife Yoko.

Marcus has been a key figure in building the Doane Online Education curriculum, conducted an infrared imaging-based DNA case-series study at Bob’s clinic, and has been teaching DNA Acupuncture™  and MPD® alongside Bob throughout the US, Europe and Australia. He has been an important figure in helping Bob write his first book “Fundamentals of Chinese Medicine Medical Pulse Diagnosis®“. Be sure to check out Marcus in TV interviews, radio shows, and podcasts talking about DNA Acupuncture™ , MPD®, and helping to bring awareness to Chinese medicine as a whole.