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Rodney Capriotti

Rodney has been the owner and operator of his business, Innovative Health, since 2014. Over the years he has developed his business into one of the busiest, and most successful clinics in Australia; routinely seeing over 100 people, on his own, within a 3 day period.

Rodney first heard of Distal Needling through the Balance Method, however soon after discovered DNA Acupuncture™ and MPD® (Medical Pulse Diagnosis®), in which he found much stronger, and better results. As a result, Rodney committed his whole clinic towards DNA Acupuncture™  and MPD®, focusing only on this style. Due to this Rodney has become a specialist in this field, specifically in the use of the DNA Acupuncture™ technique.

With this profound knowledge, Rodney has been asked to regularly provide services to professional athletes, international musicians and celebrities. Rodney has been teaching alongside Bob for the last several years, at all Australian Seminars, while also holding his own seminars, both in Australia and Internationally.

In 2019, Rodney held a sold-out seminar in Las Vegas, where by Rodney and Bob taught a specialized hands-on course in DNA Acupuncture™  and MPD®. This was the largest Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) seminar in the United States for the year.

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