What is Distal Needling Acupuncture® ?

Distal Needling Acupuncture® (DNA Acupuncture™) is the logical fusion of ancient Chinese medicine and modern anatomy and physiology. It involves unique and precise treatment strategies unlike any other acupuncture method.

Because of Distal Needling Acupuncture®, Bob Doane is able to run one of the largest private Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine clinics in the USA. Through his Doane Practice Management (DPM) program, you will learn how to achieve the same success.
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DNA Acupuncture™ came about through comprehensive research into the true concepts behind Ancient Chinese Medicine, which revealed an integrated biophysical model. The vascular system (Jing-Luo)—which includes the internal organs, and elements of the nervous system—connects with the external body systems which contain the musculoskeletal and fascial system (Jing-Jin). These significant connections in the body give rise to the following internal and external physical relationships:
  • Viscero-somatic (internal organ-to-body),
  • Somato-visceral (body-to-internal organ),
  • Viscero-visceral (internal organ-internal organ), and
  • Somato-somatic (body-to-body)
These connections play an important role in health, disease processes and clinical practice. In clinical settings, patients manifest symptoms associated with internal-external relationships. The role of a practitioner calls for him or her to discern, diagnose, and treat them effectively. Comprehensive understanding of these biophysical phenomena as described in Ancient Chinese medicine guide the DNA Acupuncture™ approach and precise treatment application.

The Distal Needling Acupuncture® method is based on:

  • 20+ years of clinical experience,
  • 400,000+ patient visits; and,
  • Constant refinement of techniques as they demonstrate effective clinical results.
The culmination of this wide experience—and observation of results—led to this unprecedented acupuncture method distinct in fundamental understanding, clinical terminology, and treatment applications

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