There are lots of misconceptions about meditation and the field of spiritual practice. 

In these courses, Bob Doane gives you a new understanding of how meditation can benefit your patients and add to the services offered by your practice. You will learn a deep meditation technique that brings silence to the mind and deep relaxation to the body. The result is one you’ll want your patients to experience: a happy, peaceful body. 

Will mediation practice bring about a so-called “enlightenment?” It may or it may not. Self-realization is an understanding so profound that all sense of doer-ship disintegrates. The consciousness is freed from the illusion of an egoistic doer looking for salvation. 

What you will learn

Why deep meditation is so prevalent among religions and spiritual practices. 

Meditation and the teachings of Zen, classical Taoism, Buddhism, Meditative Christianity and Advaita Vedanta

The concepts of self-inquiry and self-realization

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Deep Rest
Meditation and

A Deeper Look at Spirituality and

Thoughts on Spirituality & Deep Rest Meditation Technique

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