How We’re Able To Treat 100 Patient-Visits Per Day

Acupuncturists and Chinese Medicine  practitioners around the world perk up when we tell them how busy our clinic is. When so many others are struggling just to keep the doors open, our clinic—located in Poulsbo, WA (pop. 7000) and yet the largest clinic of its kind in the U.S.–is running at full steam.

The reason is simple: We practice what we teach.

When Doane Online Education founder, Bob Doane, first attended a school of Chinese Medicine in 1993, he ran up against its shortcomings right away. Here’s what he found:

  •  “We never really learned an effective acupuncture method for getting rid of pain in a clinical setting.”
  • “They never taught us how to do Chinese pulse diagnosis in a way that actually works.”
  • “They never trained us in building and managing a successful Chinese Medicine business.”

Sound familiar? Is that why so many acupuncturist(s) turn to other pursuits after only 3-5 years?

We're Changing That!

Here's Bob Doane

Jumpstart Your Career with Bob Doane’s Methodology

Globally Acclaimed Online Chinese Medicine Training

You will learn:

  • The most effective acupuncture methods for treating pain and internal diseases.
  • A proven path to mastery of Chinese pulse diagnosis.
  • The most successful Chinese herbal therapies.
  • Amazing meditation methods that investigate our true nature and revitalize the body.
  • Powerful practice management systems to run your highly successful Chinese medical clinic.

The Methodology

Doane Online Education focuses on teaching DNA Acupuncture™ and Medical Pulse Diagnosis® (MPD®), both proprietary methodologies developed by Bob Doane.

In our webinars, residency programs, and weekly treatment strategies we teach what we’ve seen work based on the the positive results from patients visiting and returning to The Acupuncture and Wellness Center. Bob Doane is not a scholar but a pure clinician that has mastered the clinical delivery of Chinese Medicine in all its complexity with over 23 years of experience in the industry and one of the most successful practices in the United States—seeing 80-125 patients per day, 5 days a week. He’s ready to share his experience with you.


Methodology #1: DNA Acupuncture™

This is one of the primary reasons Bob Doane has been able to build such a successful clinic. His proprietary DNA™ method is the logical fusion of ancient Chinese medicine and modern anatomy and physiology.

You’ll discover how Bob’s comprehensive research into the true concepts behind the earliest Chinese medicine techniques led to an integrated biophysical model. The vascular system (Jing-Luo)—which includes the internal organs and elements of the nervous system—connects with external body systems containing the musculoskeletal and fascial system (Jing-Jin). These significant connections in the body give rise to the following internal and external physical relationships:

  • Viscero-somatic (internal organ-to-body) 
  • Somato-visceral (body-to-internal organ),
  • Viscero-visceral (internal organ-internal organ) 
  • Somato-somatic (body-to-body) 
  • Viscero-somatic (internal organ-to-body)
  • Somato-visceral (body-to-internal organ) 
  • Viscero-visceral (internal organ-internal organ)
  • Somato-somatic (body-to-body)

This incredibly effective system is based upon:

  • 20+ years of clinical experience
  • 400,000 patient visits
  • Constant refinement and improvements according to demonstrated results

Methodology #2: Medical Pulse Diagnosis®(MPD®)

So many schools have tried to teach pulse diagnosis—and failed. Our highly successful MPD® program, on the other hand, is the result of over 20 years of high volume clinical experience—and it works. By continuously observing the same pulse signs and concurrent symptoms in thousands of patients, we’ve been able to create an amazingly accurate, and teachable, system of pulse diagnosis. Many of our students rank among the world’s most effective users of this amazing diagnostic method. When you join our high level training programs, we’ll show you exactly how they managed to do that. The process we taught them is the exact process you’ll be learning.

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