Master the Art of Bob Doane’s Herbal System

Take a Pulse. Prescribe the Right Herbs. 

Chinese Herbal Medicine is one of the most sophisticated herbal medical systems but mastering it can easily be a life-long endeavor. Imagine you could take a patient’s pulse and within seconds be able to identify a broad range of Traditional Chinese Medicine syndromes and Western biomedical conditions. That’s exactly what students of Doane Online Education are doing all over the world. 

You’ll quickly discover that this system of herbalism is

Easy to Learn

Easy to Practice

Produce Rapid Results

The secret to this system is learning Doane Online Education’s method of Chinese pulse diagnosis or Medical Pulse Diagnosis™ (MPD®). It’s how Bob grew one of the largest privately owned acupuncture clinics in the US, treating over 100 patients a day.

Chinese Herbal Formula

MPD® immediately reveals where the patient problems are and each aberrant pulse has a Chinese Herbal formula to bring the aberrant pulse back to normal. 

The MPD® methodology focuses on using herbs to fix or normalize pathogenic pulses. If the pulse is normalized the patient’s symptoms or imbalances or diseases are greatly benefited. Bob’s method is ancient in technique but modern in application. 

In Chinese Medicine it is not what herbs one uses which is the most important, it is what diagnosis to treat which is of paramount importance. MPD® reveals the correct diagnosis and the herbs are then easy to use.

Become an expert in diagnosis 

It is far more important to have the right diagnosis in Chinese Medicine than it is to be an expert on the planting and cultivation of Chinese herbs. 

Bob is an expert diagnostician and he bases his herbal approach around this diagnostic method. He is one of the few practitioners that has mastered this approach and teaches it to thousands of practitioners around the world. 

Not sure what herbs to use? When you become a member, you can describe your patients pulse and Bob can provide detailed herbal prescriptions based on his 23+ years of clinical experience. 

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Learn Chinese Herbal Medicine from one of the most experienced pulse masters. Learn the proper approach and

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