What is Medical Pulse Diagnosis® (MDP® )?

MPD® is the result of twenty years of high-volume clinical experience. As developed by Bob Doane, it takes ordinary pulse diagnosis to an entirely new level of accuracy and gives the practitioner an invaluable tool for treating a myriad of diseases and conditions. This method is taught only at the Bob Doane Online School of Chinese Medicine, and when you enroll, you have the unique opportunity to learn from Bob Doane himself.  The unique discoveries and cardiovascular emphasis of this method emanated from continuous observation of same pulse signs and concurrent symptoms in thousands of patients.
It’s important to note that modern medical research continues to support the clinical observations of MPD®. Chinese Medicine’s millennia-old detailed descriptions of the vascular system and the specific substances of systemic circulation instruct the effective clinical practice in Chinese Medicine. It distinguishes the heart as the ‘Emperor’ organ, emphasizing its principal physiological role in maintaining physical health. Over many years, Medical Pulse Diagnosis® has categorized refined pulse presentations of the left Cun position representing the functionality of the heart. This system further emphasizes the cardiological influence on many common pathologies, as well as on complicated disease manifestations.

Advanced Standardization of Pulse Locations

The MPD® pulse positions differ from most traditional pulse teachings, providing an advanced standardization of pulse locations for a more accurate diagnosis. The following comprehensive pulse analysis informs the practitioner of the multiple pathological conditions influencing each patient’s disease expression. This comprehensive diagnosis serves to guide the most effective Medical Pulse Diagnosis® treatment strategies.

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