Beginners Guide

Beginners Guide

Guidance for all new members of Doane Online Education to maximize the learning experience.

  • We discovered that it takes a minimum of 9 months for practitioners to attain a strong command of the DNA™ and MPD™ methods.
  • During the learning phase, it is essential to focus on these methods in the clinic without incorporating other techniques (e.g., scholastic TCM) to accomplish exceptional clinical results.
  • The process of learning and integrating the DNA™ and MPD™ methods takes time. The time invested in and live seminars can save you decades worth of clinic experimentation and ineffective patients results.
  • Develop the habit of viewing all weekly Office Episodes. The weekly reinforcement of clinically relevant information prepares you for a successful week treating patients for maximal results.
  • Stay connected with passionate health practitioners all over the world that practice the DNA™ and MPD™ methods. Exchange ideas and questions on the blog and facebook group pages.
Simple 12 Step Roadmap

1. Follow the weekly Office Episode (directly emailed to you). Go to the blog and post your questions. Robert Doane will personally answer them every week. You may also use the filter-system on the right of the Blog (either by month or by topic) to review what other members asked about previous Office Episodes.

2. Review any Office episode that interests you (e.g., DNA™ for shoulder pain, MPD™ for gastrointestinal disorders) via the Office Library.

3. Create the daily habit of spending 15-20 minutes on
Time spent on is an investment to help you provide the most effective care for your patients.

4 . Month #1: DNA™ – Distal Needling Acupuncture:

  • If you are entirely new to DNA, first complete the How to make it all Go Away – Upper and Lower Body Webinar.
  • With more experience, complete the DNA Case Series Webinars.
  • Further your understanding by completing the Interactive Pain Studies.

5. Month #2: MPD™ – Medical Pulse Diagnosis:

  • If you are entirely new to MPD, first complete the Beginner’s Guide to Efficient Pulse Taking Webinar and/or the Easy Approach To Pulses And Herbs Webinar.
  • With more experience, complete either the Herbal Streamline or the Poulsbo MPD Seminar.
  • Join our live MPD seminars for the most effective learning experience.

6. Month #3: Continue with MPD™:

  • Start analyzing your patient’s pulses immediately after watching an MPD Webinar.
  • Study the MPD Case Series to understand the nuances of the method in the clinical setting.
  • Primarily focus on reviewing all MPD related Office Episodes and the Blog Posts.

7. Month #4: Learn DPM (Doane Practice Management) to establish a financially successful Chinese Medicine clinic:

  • Watch Clinic Management Webinar 2 – How to build a successful clinic.
  • Visit the Clinic Forms Package page.
  • For additional learning complete Clinic Management Webinar 1 – How to build a successful clinic, and watch previous Office episodes on Clinic Management and Success. Regularly visit the Office episodes to view the most up-to-date clinical management methods.

8. Month #5: Refinement of DNA™ skills:

  • Complete the DNA For Internal Diseases Part 1 and 2.
  • Join the Master’s Club! Do not hesitate on joining this dynamic learning experience with Bob and other high-level practitioners.

9. Month #6: Meditation:

  • Create the habit that will transform your life by viewing Deep Rest Meditation, Complete Spirituality and TCM.
  • Follow with Doane Europe Deep Rest Meditation Virtual Workshop and the Deep Rest Meditation and Awakening Webinar.

10. Month #8: Master MPD™:

  • Complete the Most Treated Conditions in the Doane Clinic and all webinars in the MPD classroom not yet completed. Repetition allows these methods to become second nature.
  • Complete Advanced MPD – Bridging Pulses And Herbs.
  • Make sure to stay active on the Blog and Facebook group pages.

11. Month #9: Master DNA™ and final steps:

  • Complete the Advanced DNA Webinar and all DNA webinars not yet completed.
  • If not done yet, watch all Office Episodes in the Office Library from A-Z.
  • Become an active member of the Masters Club and continue to advance Chinese Medicine with excellent clinical results.

12. Never stop learning!

Bob and the clinic continue to refine the DNA™ (Distal Needling Acupuncture™), MPD™ (Medical Pulse Diagnosis™) and DPM (Doane Practice Management) through the constant treatment of thousands of patients.

  • Continue to learn all the new developments with the weekly Office Episode.
  • Attend live seminars on a regular basis to master these methods and excel in the practice of Chinese Medicine.