Apprenticeship Program

Apprenticeship Program

The Acupuncture and Wellness Center runs a comprehensive training program for practitioners from all over the world.

Train directly with Robert Doane, LAc., EAMP in DNA (Distal Needling Acupuncture), MPD (Medical Pulse Diagnosis) and DPM (Doane’s Practice Management) systems while observing hundreds of patient visits in the largest private Chinese Medicine clinic in the United States.

The apprenticeship training includes exposure to all aspects of our clinic operations! Training can be customized to focus on any of our highly effective methods!

All Apprenticeship Programs include our clinic forms package – a $495.00 value.

Our Apprenticeship Training now has 5 options:

  • 2 DAYS – Training Cost: $1,999
  • 5 DAYS – Training Cost: $2,999
  • 10 DAYS – Training Cost: $5,999
  • 15 DAYS – Training Cost: $8,499
  • 30 DAYS – Training Cost: $ 10,999

30 days training with Robert Doane is the best training program we offer!


Apprenticeship Training Program Details: Program Overview:


Training can be customized to focus on specific areas.


Apprenticeship Training Program Testimonials: Program Overview:


Wow! The Bob Doane apprenticeship was fantastic! For 2 days I was able to be immersed in a finely-tuned system that sees over 100 patients per day. Bob and his highly-skilled staff answered all of my questions and provided me with copies of all material so that I could fully appreciate the hands-on portion of the learning experience. Bob also showed me the 4 day report of findings “in action”, and personally coached me on how to talk to my patients about Acupuncture in a way that powerfully motivates them to commit to ongoing care and to pre-pay for services.
My apprenticeship with Bob Doane has been the single most important learning experience I have had since starting my career as an Acupuncturist. Run, don’t walk, to reserve your special time with Bob in this unique training adventure!


Greg E. – Oregon

knew that I would learn more than what I paid for. I was right! I wish any acupuncturist who’s struggling or needs motivation would come and see this clinic. Thank you, Bob, for your willingness to share your secrets to success!!

Hyejung H. – Washington

Now I am on fire! This trip & Apprenticeship at Robert Doane’s clinic gave me not only valuable information, but also motivation and inspiration. We saw a perfect example on how to educate patients, present Days 1 – 4 and smoothly run a successful practice.
Now it all makes sense and I am again reminded why I am doing what I am doing.

Edmund E. – California

Bob is truly a treasure! He is an example of how to use and promote Oriental Medicine. Extremely well organized, very focused, full of life and energy! Everything I have learned today I’ll be using tomorrow. I recommend the Apprenticeship Training Program to every acupuncturist in this country.

Tad S. – Rhode Island

You owe it to yourself to see how Bob runs his office & you will be amazed! It is a must if you want to grow and succeed in this business. His passion for acupuncture is contagious and reminded me why I am an acupuncturist in the first place. I am going to follow in his footsteps because now I see how it could be done and saw it with my own eyes.
Bob Doane is a great teacher and honestly shares his experience, tools and techniques. Best two days for me this year!

Howie S. – Washington

Bob Doane’s Apprenticeship Program has been yet another catapult for my business. It has allowed me to “experience” with reality how a very busy practice runs. That may sound simple and not important but when you actually see it happening in real time outside of the classroom, something clicks.
Interacting with Bob for those two days re-inspired me of why I do what I do. For those ready to take their practice to the next level, Bob Doane’s Apprenticeship Program is something I highly recommend.

Mario M. – California


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Apprenticeship Program


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