Hands On Performance Training – Las Vegas

Hands On Performance Training – Las Vegas






Right in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas

Work in Progress

317 6th Street

Las Vegas, NV 89101




February 23-25, 2019

DNA – February 23

MPD – February 24-25

9am – 5pm


What is this?! What will I be learning?

Exactly what it says! HANDS ON PERFORMANCE TRAINING! It’s all good to know the theory of what “should” be done when treating someone, but how confident are you actually doing it?! This 3-day training seminar will go through the “must know” theory before focusing on ALL Hands-On aspects of DNA and MPD!


I’m still a little confused…can you give me an example of some things that will be covered?

We will be showing you HANDS-ON techniques (along with numerous tips and tricks) on how to needle every Joint 1, 2 and 3; as well as every Myofascial Zone 1, 2 and 3 with precision and accuracy! Plus, shortcuts, routines, and strategies to deal with every issue you may come across. By the time you’re finished with this training, you won’t even have to think, as everything will be second nature to you!


Can you give me more of an example?

Of course!

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to freehand directly into Lateral-Lateral Joint 2 at the wrist! What is Lateral-Lateral Joint 2?! Well, that’s exactly what we’ll be teaching you! We will show you how one needle put directly, and correctly, into this position can take away a hip pain, a migraine, a groin pain, and a shoulder pain all at the same time… with ONE NEEDLE!

A lot of people may know what is required to do something like that, but when it comes to the hands-on needling aspect, they get a little stuck. By the end of this training, you will be able to treat ANY condition that appears in front of you in an effortless manner. Whether it’s just one issue on its own, or multiple issues that need to be treated at the same time; you will be shown quick, efficient and effective techniques that will put you in the top 1% of skilled Acupuncturists in the whole world. Think about it… being able to take a patient’s pain away in under 30 seconds!

All of this will be shown in a simplified, easy to understand way!


That sounds awesome! I definitely want to increase my DNA Hands On skills, but what about MPD?

Well…we’re glad you asked. Of course! Hands-On Training for MPD will be covered on Days 2 & 3. I’m sure there are times when you’re unsure what you are feeling, or if you’re feeling anything at all. Therefore, we will show you a simplified approach on how to feel the pulse, and know what’s going on; so in under a matter of minutes, you know what must be done. Basically taking out the guesswork for you. We will also include some ‘never before seen – Cheat Sheets’ so that you can flow from this training seminar, straight into your clinic and put it immediately into practice!


Should I attend?

That depends… Do you want to increase your skill so you are able to confront any and every issue that comes through your door, and not need to think twice about what needs to be done? Do you want “out of this world” confidence? Do you want to increase your patient numbers with your amazing results? Do you want to be able to achieve everything this wonderful medicine has to offer? Do you want to consistently improve and advance? If you have answered yes to one, or all, of these, then YES, you should definitely attend!


Who will be teaching?

Robert Doane & Rodney Capriotti


Do they know what they’re talking about?

They most certainly do! Robert Doane has been teaching distal needling methods for 15 years in 30 countries. He also runs one of the largest private Chinese Medicine practices in the United States.

Rodney runs his own DNA practice in Australia which has become one of the busiest clinics in the whole country. He routinely sees an average of 130 people within a 4 day period, and treats professional athletes and celebrities.


Why Las Vegas?

Well.. why not Vegas?! We believe in the “Go Big or Go Home” mentality, as well as “if you’re going to do something then do it properly” train of thought! Las Vegas is known for its excitement and energy, and that’s EXACTLY what this Hands-On Performance Training is all about!



DNA 1 Day – New DNA Regular Price – 500 USD
DNA 1 Day – Early Bird Price – 450 USD

MPD 2 Day – MPD Regular Price – 700 USD
MPD 2 Day – Early Bird Price – 600 USD

DNA and MPD 3 Day – Regular Price – 950 USD
DNA & MPD 3 Day Early Bird Price – 850 USD



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Hands On Performance Training

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