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Weight Loss and Acupuncture

Being overweight is now ubiquitous in the American culture. Because of this it is imperative that we show our patients how to lose weight properly.

Chinese herbal medicine and pulse diagnosis (MPD) along with Chinese acupuncture (DNA) can greatly reduce the appetite for sugary foods, the root cause of weight gain. In addition, it is imperative to teach the patient what foods to eat and what foods not to eat. If the pancreas produces insulin the body will naturally gain weight. Insulin is the command hormone that tells the body to manufacture fat.

Our approach to weight loss is to eat food that only has a glucagon effect on the pancreas. Glucagon is the opposite of insulin and this hormone commands the body to burn fat. With DNA, Chinese herbs and the right eating plan, your patients will lose 10 pounds a month like clockwork.

This is a fantastic program that we have developed over the last 21 years. We have used it on at least 30,000 patients in our Washington clinic alone. Join us at Doane.us and let us show you how easy it is for your patients to lose weight.