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Stress and Acupuncture

The most common complaint that a Chinese practitioner will treat in clinic, other than chronic pain, is the complaint of being stressed. In our modern culture people are very agitated, and we need to know what it is, how to diagnose it, and how to treat it effectively. You will find, through medical pulse diagnosis (MPD), that the problem usually resides in two organs, the Heart, its vasculature, and the Liver. Most people who are very stressed have a vascular problem. They are so tense that their coronary arteries, which are made of smooth muscle, are very tight and constricted. This tightness in the coronary vascular system impedes the flow of blood into the heart wall. Over time the heart pump becomes weak and anemic and its pumping action is impaired. The result is systemic blood flow problems, fatigue and agitation.

In these cases we have to know how to strengthen the heart and vasodilate the major arteries of the body. In addition, we have to be able to spot the Liver’s involvement in the syndrome and know how to treat that organ as well. Stressed individuals invariably have either inflamed Livers or Fatty Livers. In either case Chinese medicine, applied properly, can turn around most Liver issues. Join us on Doane.us to become an expert at treating Heart and Liver diseases and their contribution to the common complaint of being stressed.