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Lower Back Pain and Acupuncture

The standard method of acupuncture, as practiced in China, and ubiquitously taught in our Chinese Medical Colleges worldwide, is not very effective at treating back pain or any other kind of pain, for that matter. The result of this ‘poke and pray’ method is about 50 percent effective at best. The outcome is unhappy patients and practitioners and unsuccessful clinics.

The DNA (Distal Needling Acupuncture) Method is by far the best Acupuncture method in the world today for treating pain. DNA has been used successfully in hundreds of thousands of patient treatments in over 30 countries where Chinese Medicine is practiced. Success rates for treating pain are in excess of 80 percent.

People who are stuck in chronic pain cycles are usually suffering from what is called neuropathic pain. In other words, the sensory nerves are swollen, usually traumatized, and firing away at will without the body or brain capable of rectifying the problem. Even though there is nothing impinging on their pain nerves themselves the patient is still subject to excruciating and consent pain. This situation accounts for approximately 80% of chronic back pain. Only 20% of back pain is actually a structural problem where something inside the body is impinging on a sensory nerve such as a disc, swelling or bone spur.

The most effective way to treat neuropathic pain is to treat the cause of the problem, which is in the brain itself. If the brain was working properly, the body would release its own painkillers, called enkephalins, and the pain would have never become chronic in the first place. What DNA does is force the midbrain to release the body's own painkillers, and the method actually teaches the brain how to keep it that way. Distal Needling Acupuncture (DNA), done properly, is far more effective at treating chronic back pain than what is currently taught in Chinese Medical colleges throughout the world.