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Infertility Issues and Acupuncture

In Chinese Medicine there's no such thing as infertility. The woman is either healthy or not healthy. So our approach is to figure out what's not healthy and to fix it. In most cases the patient has very poor blood flow through the female area. It's like a low-level endometriosis and it is usually combined with some degree of polycystic ovarian disease. This condition makes it very difficult for the woman to become pregnant.

In these cases the most important thing is to improve the overall circulation of blood through the female area. The result is a successful pregnancy with very little chance of miscarriage. Through Doane.us we will show you how to diagnose what the specific problem is with each of your infertility cases. And of course we will show you the best methods for rectifying the problem. You'll find that your success rate for treating infertility will rise dramatically.

We have treated this issue literally thousands of times simply because our clinic in Washington State is the largest privately owned Chinese medical practice in the United States. A membership on Doane.us will dramatically improve your expertise in Chinese Medicine.