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Depression and Acupuncture

Depression is common in our modern world. It is something that you are going to see constantly in your clinic. Practitioners of TCM need to know how to treat it effectively. In Chinese medicine, depression is almost always attributed to something wrong with the liver or gall bladder or both. Depressed people usually have what are called fatty livers or some kind of inflammatory condition disrupting the smooth functioning of the liver itself and the flow of blood through the liver.

When blood flow is diminished through either the portal vein or the hepatic artery or both, liver function is affected. Ancient Chinese doctors observed that this physical problem often gave rise to emotional issues, most notably depression, apathy, and frustration.

Chinese Medicine, especially MPD (Medical Pulse Diagnosis), is very adept at diagnosing this type of problem and treating it as well through the use of herbs and DNA acupuncture. Western medicine has not yet realized that mental disorders or emotional imbalances usually have their root cause in the overall functioning of the human body. In other words, depression is not a disease isolated to the brain. It’s cause usually involves liver disfunction. Chinese Medicine treats most cases of depression quite effectively and it will be a pleasure to teach you our unique methods for treating this debilitating disease.