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The Office: DNA for Knee Pain

  1. Where is the pain?
    1. Muscles and tendons:
      1. Quadricep muscle and tendon, Patella and Patellar tendon, Anterior cruciate ligament – Anterior Lateral – Foot Yang Ming (ST) Jing Jin
      2. Lateral meniscus, Fibular collateral ligament – Lateral Lateral – Foot Shao Yang (GB) Jing JIn
      3. Medial meniscus, Medial collateral ligament – Anterior Medial and Medial Medial – Foot Jue Yin (LV),  and Foot Tai Yin (SP) Jing Jins
      4. Posterior cruciate ligament – Posterior Lateral – Foot Tai Yang (UB)
    2. Sequence of needles:
    3. For Foot Yang Ming pain:
      1.  ST 41 and LI 5 bilateral.
      2. Spread the needles to Ah Shi points up the ST and LI Jing JIns especially around LI 11 and LI 10.
      3. On the opposite side of the pain needle LV 8 on the opposite knee. Here AM treats AL.
      4. On the arm contralateral from the knee pain needle Ah shi points all around the area of HT 3. Here PM treats AL. You can needle both elbows with this strategy.
    4. For Foot Shao Yang pain:
      1. GB 40 and SJ 4 bilateral
      2. Spread the needles to Ah Shi points up the GB Jing Jin and SJ Jing Jin especially around SJ 8 on both elbows
      3. On the opposite side of the pain needle SP 9 area. Here MM treats LL.
      4. On the upper contralateral arm from the side of the knee pain needle MM – P points all around the elbow. Here MM treats LL.
    5. For Foot Jue Yin and Foot Tai Yin pain:
      1. LV 4 and SP 5 and LU 9 and P 7 bilaterally.
      2. Spread the image up the LV and SP and LU and P Jing Jins especially Ah Shi points around the opposite knee (LV and SP) and both elbows on the LU and P Jing Jins.
      3. On the opposite knee needle Ah Shi on the SP and LV Jing Jins. You already did this in step 2.
      4. On the contralateral elbow from the knee side pain needle Ah Shi points all around LI 11 and SJ 8. Here Al treats Am and LL treats MM.
    6. For Foot Tai Yang pain:
      1. UB 60 and SI 5 bilateral.
      2. Spread the image up both Jing Jins in No 1 step especially around the SI Jing Jin on both elbows.
      3. Needle the opposite knee at K 10.
      4. Needle the contralateral arm from the knee pain side at LU 3 area. Here AM treats PL.


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