Prescribing Effective TCM Formulas 101: The Left Chi & Proximal Pulses


Access to the course video and handouts will be emailed after checkout. Watch the replay of part six of this six-part course. You’ll learn when to use which formulas/single herbs for pulses found in the left guan in the Medical Pulse Diagnosis® (MPD®) system.

What you’ll receive

  • 3+ hour webinar previously recorded
  • All PDF slides
  • Herb list

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You will be able to prescribe formulas with ease and confidence

Because you will understand: which herbs to use (and not to use) for which kind of symptom in combination with which kind of pulse and in what dosage.

You will also learn what to do if the symptoms and pulses do not respond to your formula, when to double down and when to switch your strategy.

This course is different from your standard text book TCM herbalism courses, because it summarizes the essence of Bob Doane’s extremely practical and success oriented approach to herbalism and his vast clinical experience of having had 100 patient visits over the last 20 years.

Take out the guesswork in your herbal formulas

The goal of this course is to take out the guess work in your herbal formulas and give you great tools to provide swift and long-lasting results for your patients.