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The New & Improved DNA™ Workshop Webinar – Webinar

Robert Doane runs the largest private Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture practice in the USA and Distal Needling Acupuncture™ has made that possible.
DNA™ (Distal Needling Acupuncture™) is rooted in the anatomical Jing Jin (Tendinomuscular) tissue organization and relationships of the Huang Di Nei Jing. The new and improved DNA™ system determines specific pain sources based on the Jing Jin, with specific referral pain models, and treats these issues with specialized distal needling methods for instant pain relief. The logical fusion of ancient Chinese Medicine and modern anatomy/physiology has generated precise treatment strategies unique to any other acupuncture methods.

During this one-day workshop series webinar Robert Doane will demonstrate to practitioners the highly structured, easily implemented system of the new and improved DNA™ for pain conditions. Robert uses this acupuncture style exclusively and has built a large and very successful acupuncture clinic in the United States consequently that helped hundreds of thousands of people!

To both the newcomer and the more experienced practitioner, Robert Doane will showcase the distal needling methods which demonstrate how to instantly get rid of 90% of chronic pain using acupuncture only.

He will also thoroughly elaborate on acupuncture from a bio-medical point of view; discussing when acupuncture is effective and when it is not. The times when you cross your fingers and hope your needling will prove successful can now be considered a thing of the past!

Throughout this webinar physical case studies will be treated.
This will be a fun & practical webinar!

After this webinar, you will be able to walk straight into your clinic and start this method straight away!


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    The New & Improved DNA™ Workshop Webinar

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    – Duration: ca. 5 hours

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