October 2017

October 2017

October 2017

    The Office: DNA – Treating Eye Diseases – A Universal Protocol

  • Treat the eyes as a liver problem.
  • Where are the eye? On the hand around PC 8, HT8 and LU 10, LI 4 = targeting the Liver Jing Jin.
  • On the feet: GB 41-GB42, LV 3.
  • Px should feel an immediate effect. – Test the eye sight. If therer is no improvement, go to the KD.
  • Target the KD: Via UB 62-65. KD2 etc.
  • Also needle the interphalangeal joint on the first digit from the radial and the ulnar aspect.


    The Office: MPD – Heart Valve Problems

  • Vibration of the abductor pollicis longus tendon may be indicative of mitral valve problem
  • At the left Cun, you may feel a pronounced distal styloid pulse against the edge of your finger, this tells you the condition of the left ventricle
    • If there is left ventricle hypertrophy, then this pulse will be enlarged and push against your finder (fill up the space around your finger pad strongly)
    • If the left ventricle is weak, then the pulse will be thin and weak (gives way upon pressure easily)
  • The distal half of the cun for pxs with mitral valve issues is usually blocked
  • This pulse presentations is very typical for mitral valve dysfunction (pooling of blood in the left atrium and an enlarged left ventricle)
  • The left ventricle usually enlarges due to the mitral valve prolapse


    The Office: DNA and Balance Method – The Difference

  • Dr. Tan created the Balance Method after talks with Dr. Chao Chen
  • The Balance Method incorporates concepts from the Yi Jing & Ba Gua using meridian relationships
  • Dr. Tan systematized Distal Needling
  • The Balance Methods holds that health problems appear due to lack of energy flow in the meridians that are fixed via distal needling of other meridians.
  • Via talks to Dr. Donald Kendall ( Dao Of Chinese Medicine) and Han dynasty philologists I came to the conclusion that the energy model is not accurate, it is a mistranslation by Solie De Morant.
  • Dr Tan and I were very close friends and I mentioned this issue to him, but he did not want to change the energy concepts.
  • So, the Balance Method works really well, but the reason behind it is flawed.
  • Meridians are blood vessels shipping nutrients and oxygen, however, this model is not accurate either, it’s very simplified.
  • The Jing Jin is what we needle in DNA, which is an organization of all the tissue in the body, especially the facial planes.
  • The Jing Jin really is the organization of tissue.
  • By needling tissue in one part of the body, we are affecting tissue in other parts of the body.
  • The ancient Chinese did not give individual names to muscles, but named the muscle by what main blood vessel supports it.
  • So in that sense there is no need for Jing Mai/ meridians, it’s Jing Jin treating each other (tissue treating tissue).
  • The Neijing is not talking about energy flow, but real tissue. That’s why the Huang Di Nei Jing says, that the Mai are visible.
  • All the energy stuff started with Solie De Morant.
  • If there is pain in the quadratus femoris muscle, then we needle the LI pathway on the arm.
  • The beauty of DNA is, we have a lot of choices, depending on where the quadratus femoris muscle is, we needle on the LI associated arm muscles.
  • DNA is breaking away from the energy model. We free ourselves from classical acupuncture points and meridians.
  • DNA is not following lines, DNA is needling connective tissues, fascia groups, joints, etc., depending on where the distal pain is.
  • That’s why DNA is more effective than the Balance Method.
  • We love Dr. Tan and we appreciate the Balance Method, but we strongly feel that with DNA we improved upon it, especially when it comes to treating pains distally.


    The Office: DNA, Balance Method, Tung Style – The Difference


    What is DNA™ – Distal Needling Acupuncture™?

    DNA™ (Distal Needling Acupuncture™) is rooted in the anatomical Jing Jin (Tendinomuscular) tissue organization and relationships of the Huang Di Nei Jing. The DNA™ system determines specific pain sources based on the Jing Jin, with specific referral pain models, and treats these issues with specialized distal needling methods for instant pain relief. The logical fusion of ancient Chinese Medicine and modern anatomy/physiology has generated precise treatment strategies unique to any other acupuncture methods.

    How is DNA different than the Balance Method?

    The foundation of Richard Tan’s Balance Method is based upon the metaphysical philosophies of Yin-Yang, the Eight Trigrams, Ba Gua and the I Ching. Through extensive study with Dr. Chao Chen, creator of I Ching Acupuncture, Richard Tan synthesized numerous principles of classic Chinese medical theories and Chinese metaphysics, into a treatment method using distal points. The Balance method is rooted in an energetic model relying on the concept of healing the body by balancing energy “meridians”. Consequently, distal points are chosen based on classic acupuncture point locations in order to eliminate stagnations and create normal energy flow. The anatomical principles of DNA™ recognize that pain and other pathologies resides in physiologic tissue and not psychic energy channels. This leads to a completely independent distal needling acupuncture system for instant results.

    How is DNA different than the Tung Method?

    The Tung method is an empirical technique based on specific point locations with specific indications. Tung’s Acupuncture was originally a closely guarded oral tradition that was exclusively passed down within the Tung family. The entire method is based on a five zang (six fu) channel system that is unique to this system, and different from the 14 channels of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Tung Ching-Chang was a brilliant practitioner leaving a legacy of points, which were later deciphered by his students, namely Wei Chieh Young, into the theory taught today. DNA™ is a system based on the anatomical Jing Jin (Tendinomuscular) with a clear understanding that pathology and pain lies in real tissues. These fundamentals guide a systemized technique to effect real tissue changes for instant results.


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