Medical Pulse Diagnosis Book

Medical Pulse Diagnosis Book

Fundamentals of Chinese Medicine

Medical Pulse Diagnosis (MPD)


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It is clear that the majority of Chinese Medicine practitioners lack confidence in their ability to correctly diagnose and treat patient illness in the clinical setting. For most, this is not due to a lack of intelligence or motivation, but rather an educational approach that insufficiently develops the diagnostic skills necessary to navigate complex patient cases. All practitioners need effective diagnostic skills to navigate the clinical setting and treat complex patient cases. With dedicated practice, Medical Pulse Diagnosis (MPD) will rapidly increase your skill and success in the field of Chinese Medicine. After many years of learning and refinement through the experiences of a high-volume patient practice, I am sharing what I believe is the most effective pulse diagnostic system. In this book, I will share the precise details of my unique system for determining the diagnosis of patient conditions. I will teach you how to develop the tactile sensitivity as well as the systematic logic that will guide correct pulse diagnosis and effective patient care. This text applies to all Chinese Medicine practitioners and provides clinical value to any biomedical healthcare practitioner seeking palpable insights into patient conditions. These methods have produced diagnostic accuracy concerning the health of over 30,000 patients and 500,000 patient visits over the last twenty years. My goal is to contribute this same level of diagnostic expertise to your clinical practice and your patients.