Masters Club Preview

Masters Club Preview

Your Virtual Apprenticeship with Robert Doane

At the Masters Club, a private circle of Doane Associates are virtually meeting with Robert Doane for a 60 minute session per month for an online mentorship program. It will usually structured as a 45 minute question-round, followed by 15 minutes of a private live lecture from Robert Doane on a topic that the group chooses in advance. Classes take usually place every first Wednesday of the month from 2pm- ca. 3pm PST.

Benefits of the Masters Club:

  • Bob Doane will privately mentor you.
  • You can ask Bob Doane live for advice for their own patients and difficult-to-treat cases.
  • You get your own questions immediately answered.
  • You can discuss DNA- or herbal strategies live with Bob Doane.
  • While it’s somebody is speaking or you don’t have a question, you can listen and learn from another member’s question/ case study.
  • You can study with Bob Doane giving you private lectures on a variety of topics.

Whether you are successfully practicing DNA and MPD already or are new to the methods and would like to get a quick start, the Masters Club is a sure way to guaranteed success with DNA and MPD. Robert Doane will try his best to help you to become the best practitioner you can possibly be.


  • This class is for very dedicated DNA and MPD practitioners only.
  • The classes will usually take place every first Wednesday of the month from 12PM – 1PM PST.
  • We will meet online in an easy accessible online conference room using the highly reliable and extremely easy to use system, which can be joined online (computer, tablet, smart-phone app) or via telephone (available in 50 countries, at the cost of a national landline-call or let uberconference call you at the time of the conference) in HD audio quality.
  • All sessions are recorded and can be downloaded by all participants for your own revision and private purposes. It is not allowed and illegal and violates our terms and conditions to distribute, publish or sell your recordings. Thank you for playing fair.
  • Screen-sharing is available using the uberconference system, so sharing pictures and slides will be easy.
  • There is a private Masters Club facebook group for Master Club members to meet, discuss and get ready for class, so you can get the most out of your 60 minutes with Robert Doane.
  • Reminder emails and easy one-click access to the Masters Club conference room.

Masters Club: $99/month


Listen to the first 15 minutes of a previous Masters Club Conference below to get an idea of what our Club Conferences are like. By the way, you will receive the HD audio recording after each conference and can keep them forever!

Masters Club 15 Min Preview

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