June 2021

June 2021

The Office: MPD for Hypertension

Treating high blood pressure with Chinese herbal medicine is difficult and not always successful. Formulations are based on MPD but there has to be different possibilities available for each etiology. This way if one combination is not successful then another one might be. We cannot say that Chinese medicine cures hypertension. We certainly can treat it and in some cases our approach is better due to the sometimes negative side effects of certain pharmaceutical medications. Sometimes drugs are necessary but with the addition of Chinese herbal medicine it is quite possible to reduce the number of drugs the patient is taking. 

Western medicine classifies 90 percent of hypertension to be primary hypertension. This means high blood pressure with no known cause. I am not in agreement with this conclusion. MPD reveals what the cause in Chinese medicine is and our herbal approach is to treat that specific etiology. Having said this, sometimes our approach just doesn’t work. Is our etiology wrong or are the herbs wrong? I believe it is the herbal combinations that are not yet good enough to address the specific obvious etiology revealed through MPD. Consequently, I am always on the lookout for better herbal combinations.

Below are the current formulas and combinations I am using as per the pulse:

  1. MPD: All pulses are big, strong, convex and pounding. The Left Guan is particularly strong. This condition is Excess Heat leading to High blood pressure. The conclusion is inflammation throughout the vascular system and the Zang Fu system.
  2. Herbs Hu zhang 33
    Cha chi 33
    Xia ku cao 33


    Herbs Cha chi huang or Hu zhang 100


    Herbs Tian ma gou teng yin 40
    Mu li 15
    Niu xi 15
    Qian cao 15
    Zhi zi 15


    Herbs Mao dong qing 20
    Di long 20
    Xuan shen 20
    Hai zao 20
    Xia ku cao 20


    Herbs Chai hu jia long mu tang 20
    Ye ju hua 20
    He ye 20
    Jue ming zi 20
    Jin qian cao 20


    Herbs Di long 20
    Xia ku cao 20
    Xuan shen 20
    San huang xie xin tang 40


    Herbs from the Nei Jing
    Zhen zhu mu 20
    Di long 20
    Xia ku cao 15
    Xi xian cao 15
    Gou teng 20
    Huai hua 10


  3. MPD: All pulses are too wiry, hard, with no jump. This condition corresponds to Arteriosclerosis causing hypertension.
  4. Herbs Dan shen 40
    Di long 40
    Huai hua 20
    Can add: Hai zao and Kun bu 20 each


  5. MPD: The pulses are thin, weak especially the Left Chi. Signs of Kidney Yang Deficiency. Could be Renal Hypertension with weak Kidneys and arteriosclerosis of renal arteries
  6. Herbs (from Dr. John Shen)
    Yu jin 50
    Du zhong 50


  7. MPD: Confirmed renal hypertension (Secondary hypertension) with both Proximal Pulses wiry and pounding.
  8. Herbs Di long 20
    Dan shen 20
    Li zhe he 20
    Shui ding xian 20
    Xian feng cao 20


  9. Additions: Da huang lowers blood pressure and can be used if any sign of constipation.
  10. List of anti hypertensive herbs:
  11. Chi shao, Ma dou ling, Da huang, Sang ji sheng, Hu zhang, Cha chi huang, Jiang huang, Mu dan pi, Mao dong qing, Sang ji sheng, San qi, Shan zha, Yi mu cao, Xi xian cao, Wang bu liu xing, Xia ku cao, Huai hua, Niu xie, Gou teng, Sheng ma, Gu jing cao.