June 2018

June 2018

    The Office: How To Greatly Optimize Your Clinic

  • In this office episode you will learn how to maximize your knowledge, maximize the benefit of the medicine for the patient and how you maximize your financial enumeration.
  • We have been over 20 years in this business and are the largest TCM clinic in the USA.
  • When you see 2200-2500 patient visits per month with an excess of 30.000 patients total you are in a position to provide some unique advice.
  • Take a look how many patient visits you have per week. Eg 50, so 10 people a day. Divide that number by how many patient you have per week. Eg 5.: 50/5=10. That means you on average retain a patient for 10 visits.
  • Can you master the medicine and help the patient with 5 or 10 visits? How about 40-50 visits?
  • You have to set up your clinic so you retain a patient for at least 40 visits, then things can happen – you get good, the patient gets a lot better and you make some money.
  • We see 600 patients/week. We have 10-20 new patients. So we retain a patient on average 40-45 visits. That’s a situation where everybody wins.
  • Think about all the symptoms and diseases an average patient has! Can you alter a patient’s health on 10 visits?
  • On the average patient (you may get lucky with some) you cannot turn somebody’s health around/ solve a serious health problem with 7-10 visits. You simply have no effect on the patient at all!
  • We have been taught an illusion at school that 10 visits would be enough. It’s simply not true. You need a 5 months-1 year to alter the life of a human being.
  • It takes about 5 months to make their 5-8 (main) complaints 70-100% sustainably better, especially if they are older than 50 years.
  • If there is 1-2 complaints lagging, we suggest prevention plans which usually last 5-7 months.
  • Most patient flip over to herbs only on a prevention plan, because their pain is gone after the initial 5 month treatment plan.
  • Normally a 5 month treatment plan (if herbs only) in our clinic is about $2800 (12 herbal consultations x $65= $780, $2000 for 5 month of herbs).
  • We also add nutritional counseling to our plans ($90).
  • If patients pay in advance, we take off $600 (roughly 20% discount).
  • A 5 month prevention plan is $2000 only (herbal visits are free). If they pay in advance, they get a 20% discount, so it’s $1600.
  • People usually commit this, because it’s a very good deal.
  • Everything is pre-paid! It’s a smooth operation. We get 10-11 months, which will give us a great chance to really turn somebody’s life around.
  • Stop running band-aid clinics, change people’s lives instead!
  • You think patients won’t pay? Let me tell you: “Yes, they will! Yes, they will!”
  • Master the medicine & help a lot of patients!


    The Office: Introduction to the new DNA

  • At the wrist and ankles, but especially the wrists, you find the very thick fascia, called the retinacula. In and around the retinacula there is an abundance of proprioceptive fibers. In the new DNA we ay special attention to needle into the retinacula.
  • Chronic pain appears to occur in most cases due to a weak proprioceptive signal strength into the midbrain and cortex and therefore the brain does not release its own painkillers (such as enkephalins).
  • Kids usually do not develop pain so easily, perhaps because the proprioceptive and nociceptive inputs are both strong. But as we age the proprioceptive signal strength/ input seems to degenerate, leaving us in chronic pain cycles.
  • Why does the proprioceptive nervous system degenerate? Because of reduced blood-flow/ micro-circulation to the nervous tissue.
  • Chronic pain is therefore an ischemic problem. And the way out of (most) chronic pain is to strengthen the proprioceptive signal.
  • The purpose of the new DNA is to raise the degenerated proprioceptive signal strength into the brain, so the brain can release its own painkillers.
  • Can we reestablish neurological homeostasis?- Yes!
  • So where do we put the needles? How many needles do we have to use create this enkephalin release? – Simply draw a line from the area of pain down the arm until it hits the wrist, if the person’s pain is above the diaphragm. If the pain is on the ventral aspect of the torso, draw a line anteriorly (inner arm) down the arm to the wrist and needle there. If it is on the sides of the body, draw a line laterally down to the wrist. If on the back, draw a line posteriorly down to the wrist.
  • Needle just a few (even just 1 or 2 needles) deeply into the joint of the wrist. Treat bilaterally. This will often treat 70% of the pain. Then add the ankle for the rest of the pain.
  • If the pain is below the diaphragm, go down to the ankle (same technique as above applies – anterior pain, needle the anterior aspect; lateral pain, needle deeply into the lateral aspect of the ankle, posterior pain, needle the posterior aspect).
  • We divorced ourselves from Yi Jing acupuncture explanations, because we have always believed that acupuncture works due to a neurological mechanism and we can come up with a better understanding by looking at functional anatomy of the body.
  • The Yi Jing explanation is too metaphysical. Analyzing acupuncture based on movement makes much more sense.
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    The Office: How To Start A Solo Practice

  • How can you be successful from the beginning? Here a few valuable advices from our years of experience teaching TCM practitioners that are just starting out:
  • There is no short-cut. As in every profession, the ones who are really successful are the ones who are really good at something.
  • In order to be confident in Chinese medicine, you need to be confident in simply who you are.
  • You have a 4 year degree in Chinese medicine, so you can be somewhat clinically confident in what you are doing. Bring that confidence to the table!
  • However, you may not be confident in speaking and presenting yourself. Therefore you need to work on that – join toastmasters for example.
  • Learn how to speak:
    • Talk slow! Most people are rapid-talking!
    • Talk with emphasis (not like a robot).
    • Practice everyday in the beginning (eg in the bathroom – reading out the shampoo bottle).
    • If your voice is too low, raise it.
    • If your voice is too high, lower it. You can do that!
  • Present yourself confidently – shake the patients hands. Look them directly in the eyes.
  • Slow it down. Say what you are saying very clearly and simple.
  • You need to so some sort of marketing:
  • I find live-events work the best in the US: For example, go to local events like a wedding expo or a farmers market. Have a table with nice decoration and a sign that says “Free Medical Pulse Diagnosis”. Dress well – nice shoes and an ironed shirt. Look like a successful person!
    • Explain to them briefly what you are going to do: pulse diagnosis.
    • Make it fun. Don’t be all too serious.
    • Connect to them, so they relax. (Like asking them where they are from and then adding an honest remark to what they are saying.)
    • Tell them what you find in your MPD puls diagnosis.
    • Talk to them in modern medical terms and like a human being – don’t use too many fancy medical terms or ancient terminology.
    • Then tell them that in Chinese medicine we can usually treat those problems well. Tell them that you will be able to help them.
    • Take money from them for the initial visit (prepaid at the event at a discount), otherwise half of them will not show up.
  • Within the first day you will have 5-10 people scheduled for the next week.
  • Then, when they come to your clinic the next week, you do the initial visit, go through their medical history and lay out a plan for them how long and how much it will cost to fix xyz problem.
  • You will be nervous, but you will be frightened the first day of work in any endeavor.
  • You can do it!


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