How it Works

How it Works

Doane Online Education


Beginner’s Guide for New Members


Preview for Those Who Wish to Join

Through observation and testing, we discovered that it takes a minimum of nine months for Chinese Medicine practitioners to attain a firm command of the DNA and MPD® methods.

During the learning phase, to ensure exceptional clinical results, it is essential that you use these methods ONLY without incorporating other techniques (e.g., scholastic TCM) The time you invest in your studies at and during live sessions can save you decades of clinic experimentation and ineffective patients results.

Develop the important habit of viewing Office Episodes each week (emailed to you). This weekly reinforcement of clinically relevant information prepares you for a successful week of maximal results for your patients.

Stay connected with other passionate health practitioners that practice the DNA and MPD® methods worldwide! Connect with like-minded colleagues on the Doane Online School exclusive blog and Facebook group- to ask questions or exchange ideas.

Your Monthly Road Map

Three tips on how to succeed during training:

  • Follow the weekly Office Episode emailed to you. Post your questions on the blog. Robert Doane answers them personally. You may also use the filter on the right of the blog to review other member questions about previous Office Episodes.
  • View any Office Episode that interests you (e.g., DNA for shoulder pain, MPD® for gastrointestinal disorders).
  • Spend 15-20 minutes on every day The time you spend on Doane.US helps you provide the most effective care for your patients.

Month 1

Introduction to DNA™ – Distal Needling Acupuncture®:

Month 2

Introduction to MPD® – Medical Pulse Diagnosis®:

Month 3

Continue working with MPD®:

  • Start analyzing your patient’s pulses immediately after watching an MPD® Webinar.
  • Study the MPD® Case Series to understand the nuances of the method in a clinical setting.
  • Focus on reviewing ALL MPD® related Office Episodes and Blog Posts.

Month 4

Time to learn DPM (Doane Practice Management) to establish a financially successful Chinese Medicine clinic:

Month 5

Refinement of DNA™ skills:

  • Watch and study Distal Needling Acupuncture® For Internal Diseases, Part 1 and Part 2.
  • All students now welcome to join Bob and other high-level practitioners in the Masters Club! This dynamic learning experience will increase your mastery of DNA™.

Month 6 and Month 7


  • There are thousands who say it, novices as well as masters. Meditation changes lives! It’s now time to experience this transformative experience for yourself if you haven’t already done so.
  • View Deep Rest Meditation
  • Watch Complete Spirituality and TCM (transcendental meditation)
  • Follow with Doane Europe Deep Rest Meditation Virtual Workshop and the Deep Rest Meditation and Awakening Webinar

Month 8

Time to master MPD®:

Month 9

Master DNA™:

Final Steps

Never stop learning!

  • Follow new developments in the ongoing weekly Office Episodes.
  • Bob and the clinic continue to refine the DNA (Distal Needling Acupuncture®), MPD® (Medical Pulse Diagnosis®) and DPM (Doane Practice Management) through the constant treatment of thousands of patients, as well as updated practices in clinic management.
  • Attend live seminars with Bob Doane, and follow Doane Online Education regularly to master DNA and MPD®, and to assure excellence in your practice of Chinese Medicine.

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