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Evergreen Herbs Product Recommendation

I owe it to my patients to give my highest integrity and skill in every service I provide. It is important to me that every product I select, every herbal formula I recommend, has to meet this standard, as well.

I use Evergreen Herbs because of my confidence in the results I’ve seen from prescribing these herbs for my patients. Even in the most common traditional formulas, I know that that Evergreen quality is going to come through with excellent results.

More than that, I choose Evergreen because of my confidence in the integrity of the founders and staff of Evergreen Herbs. The founders, one a pharmacist while both are licensed acupuncturists with many years of research in herbal medicine, are deeply committed to seeing practitioners of acupuncture and herbal medicine deliver the best care possible.

Underlying everything else, I know that the people at Evergreen are fiercely attentive to the urgency of selecting strong and healthy herbs from clean, vibrant conditions, and tracking every step of the way ‘from seed to shelf’ to ensure that the herbs are handled, processed, combined and stored to protect the purity and potency of each herb.

There is no other company I would choose to work with.

Robert Doane

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