DNA & MPD Logos

DNA & MPD Logos

Proud to be a DNA and MPD practitioner?

Show your patients and the rest of the world what makes you different from the ordinary with the official DNA and MPD Logos.

These logos are available to those practitioners who go through our certification process. Visit Doaneseminars.com to find out more about the DNA and MPD certifications

Terms and conditions for the use of our logos:

Please note that the logos are publically available on www.doane.us. Robert Doane or Doane.us therefore cannot guarantee, that the party using the logos actually underwent alleged training. Robert Doane or Doane.us are also not responsible about the accuracy of the information provided on material which use our logos as the final use of our logos is beyond our control. Robert Doane or Doane.us are not responsible for contents, platforms, websites, materials etc. related to where the logos are used and Robert Doane or Doane.us neither endorse, make any representations nor accept any liability (whether direct or indirect) for the party or their content, products or services offered that make use of our logos.


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