DNA Foundations Workshop (HD) Preview

DNA Foundations Workshop (HD) Preview


In Depth 2-Day DNA Foundations Workshop (12h in HD)

In this very meticulously organized and in depth online class series Robert Doane will demonstrate the highly detailed yet easily implemented DNA™ (Distal Needling Acupuncture™) system for managing pain conditions. Robert uses this acupuncture style exclusively and has built the largest acupuncture clinic in the United States as a result of its efficacy! What was previously covered in one-day seminars/ webinars is now in an even more detailed and in depth approach available in a two-day webinar (almost 12 hours of footage to make sure you understand all nuances and details).

The times when you cross your fingers and hope your needling will work can be considered a thing of the past! He will be working with case studies, so feel free to bring over your most stubborn pain patients along.

After completing this webinar, participants will:

  • the upper body (fingers, hands, forearms, upper arms, shoulders, head/face, upper back, chest)
  • the lower body (abdomen, lower back, thighs, lower legs, ankles and feet)


Available webinars in this classroom:

In Depth 2-Day DNA Foundations Workshop (12h in HD)

  • Videos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
  • Duration: ca. 12 hours


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