Brisbane new DNA and MPD Seminars

Brisbane new DNA and MPD Seminars

AUSTRALIA 2018 Workshop Series:

“Unlocking The Secrects Of
Chinese Medicine”

Live Hands-On 4-Day Intense
DNA™& MPD™ Workshop Series


Endeavour College of Natural Health – Brisbane

Level 2/269 Wickham St, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006


Date: Friday 29th June – Monday 2nd July

Time: 9am – 5pm


CPD Points will also be gained by attending this workshop


Early Bird – $1650 AUD only

(limited quantity; only available until April 15th 2018)

Full Price – $1850 AUD only


uitable for all levels.

Beginner, intermediate and advanced levels will all be covered,

including both old and brand new material – including the new and improved DNA.

Max: 30 participants

Seminar Details

Day 1 & 2: The New And Improved DNA™

Robert Doane runs the largest private Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture practice in the USA and Distal Needling Acupuncture™ has made that possible.

The new and improved DNA™ (Distal Needling Acupuncture™) is rooted in the anatomical Jing Jin (Tendinomuscular) tissue organization and relationships of the Huang Di Nei Jing. The

new and improved DNA™ system determines specific pain sources based on the Jing Jin, with specific referral pain models, and treats these issues with specialized distal needling methods for instant pain relief. The logical fusion of ancient Chinese Medicine and modern anatomy/physiology has generated precise treatment strategies unique to any other acupuncture methods.

During this two-day workshop series Robert Doane will demonstrate to practitioners the highly structured, easily implemented system of the new and improved DNA™ for pain conditions and internal diseases. Robert uses this acupuncture style exclusively and has built a large and very successful acupuncture clinic in the United States consequently that helped hundreds of thousands of people!

To both the newcomer and the more experienced practitioner, Robert Doane will showcase the distal needling methods which demonstrate how to instantly get rid of 90% of chronic pain. He will also thoroughly elaborate on acupuncture from a bio-medical point of view; discussing when acupuncture is effective and when it is not. The times when you cross your fingers and hope your needling will prove successful can now be considered a thing of the past!

It will also be taught how to structure your practice, how to price, and how to get people to commit to multiple sessions per week. Numerous options will be given and outlined specifically for your individual needs, and showing you how to make it work FOR YOU, whether you have 1 or even 4 treatment rooms.

Throughout this workshop, physical case studies will also be examined, so Bring Your Pain and bring along your most stubborn pain patients!

This will be a full hands-on seminar!

After completing day 1 & day 2, participants will:

  • Have the complete outline how to treat the upper body – (fingers, hands, forearms, upper arms, shoulders, head/face, upper back, chest) with DNA™.
  • Have the complete outline how to treat the lower body – (abdomen, lower back, thighs, lower legs, ankles and feet) with DNA™.
  • Have an outline how to treat internal diseases with DNA™.
  • Know how to take pain away in under a minute with DNA™.
  • Have the skill to use those “hard to needle” places that you don’t have much confidence with (such as SI5, Kd6, etc)
  • Understand what is actually happening inside the body when a needle is inserted, and how we use this to our advantage to take away pain.
  • Be able to trust themselves and know that this is the only style of Acupuncture that is needed to treat any problem you may encounter.

After this workshop, you will be able to walk straight into your clinic and start this method straight away!

During this three-day workshop Robert Doane will teach the participants the essence of MPD™ (Medical Pulse Diagnosis™). This unique, highly structured pulse-diagnosis system allows you as a practitioner to diagnose TCM syndromes as well as bio-medical conditions purely by the pulse within less than a minute. Due to its highly logical structure it is very easy to learn and integrate in your clinical practice. You will be surprised by how precisely you will be able to diagnose/correlate western medical conditions after implementing the MPD™ system into your practice.

Robert will guide you through the most commonly seen pulses in his clinic and their indications.

During the four days, participants will attend a hands-on workshop and learn to practically implement the knowledge learned in the theoretic parts of the seminar.

Robert will also discuss herbal formulas and herbal strategies. All participants will receive the complete outline of which pulse is treated by which formula.

Over the two days workshop participants will have their pulse read by Robert, as well as herbal formulas prescribed, all based on MPD™ and what is taught throughout the workshop. This is to give the full picture of how to come from pulse taking to the actual formula and further treatment strategies.

It will be made sure that each participant is able to understand and feel the main MPD™ pulses correctly, so you can go right back to your practice and immediately start taking pulses with confidence!

After completing day 2, 3 &4, participants will:

  • Have the complete outline of how to read pulses according to the MPD™.
  • Have the complete outline of how to treat internal diseases with herbal formulas as well as acupuncture based on the pulses.
  • Have the complete summary of Chinese herbal formulas of Robert Doane.
  • Have had many hours of Pulse-Diagnosis in practice: hands-on pulse taking workshops to make sure you are feeling pulses right.

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