Beginners Guide

Beginners Guide

Are you new to Doane Online Education and would like some guidance to get a head-start?

Then this guide is exactly what you were looking for!

Okay, let’s get started, a few things first:

  1. We discovered that it takes a minimum of 9 months for complete novices to DNA™ and MPD™to get a good command of the systems and to create a lasting change in yourself and your practice.
  2. It is important for you to realize that it is almost necessary for you to stop dabbling back and forth between other systems (e.g. scholastic TCM) while you learn our systems to really get a good enough grasp of the methods presented to you here in order to see their real brilliance.
  3. Don’t expect change overnight. Be kind to yourself and allow enough time for you to study and practice our methods. It is normal to get frustrated when you learn new skills. When you get frustrated, take a break, but get back on your horse the next day. Rome was not built in one day, but turned out to be a magnificent city!
  4. Follow all weekly Office Episodes, even if some of them might be a little above your head. This way you are building a habit and after roughly 3 months it will be part of your routine to spend some time every week (and/or weekend) on and it will not cost you any willpower anymore.
  5. Also, follow the weekly Doane Class. We will routinely cover the most important webinars and Office Episodes and you will have hudreds of other members going through that material with you. Feel free to exchange thoughts and questions about those on our blog and our facebook group.
The Beginners Guide To Doane Online Education
– A Simple 15 Step Roadmap –
  1. Follow every week’s Office Episode and Doane Classes (which is emailed to you). Go to our blog and to post your questions. Robert Doane will personally answer them every week. You may also use the filter-system on the right of the Blog (either by month or by topic) to review what other members asked about previous Office Episodes. We know life is busy, but the minimum you should do every week to get your money’s worth is to take the 10 minutes to watch the Office!
  2. Review any Office episode that particularly interests you (e.g. DNA for shoulder pain, MPD for gastrointestinal disorders) using the Office Library.
  3. Life is busy and sparing time for learning is difficult. Taking 8h to watch an entire webinar is almost impossible for most people, we realize that. So here is how you do it. Try to make it a habit to spend 15-20 min. on everyday. You can find 15-20 min., right? Come on, everybody can manage their time somehow to make 15-20 min. available. Then try to come here at least for one hour on Saturdays with us. Take a rest on Sunday, you deserve it! By the way, you can simply pause the video in your browser and continue the next day.
  4. Until it became a habit to put in your 20min. daily, remind yourself that time spent on is an investment in yourself that will allow you to excell at this medicine within the next couple months, so make it a priority in your day. Once it’s a habit it’s effortless, or do you need willpower to brush your teeth in the morning?
  5. Hack yourself a little bit! Listen to on your mobile device on your way to work [if you won’t be distracted from driving – remember, staying alive is even more important], at the end of your lunch-break, or when you have to do house chores, etc.

6. Month #1: DNA – Distal Needling Acupuncture:

7. Month #2: MPD – Medical Pulse Diagnosis:

8. Month #3: Continue with MPD:

  • Remember to start feeling pulses of all your patients as soon as you watched your first MPD webinar. It can be frustrating we know, but stick with it, it will pay off very, very well. We tackle the hardest thing right in the beginning, it will go “downhill” from here, trust us!
  • Now gradually go through the MPD Case Series to understand how it’s done in actual clinical practice with all the little nuances and tricks.
  • This month especially focus on reviewing, if possible, all MPD related Office Episodes and for extra credit review the Blog Posts related to each Office Episode.
  • If you have not done the Poulsbo MPD workshop last month, do it this month.
  • Extra credit this month is awarded for the Doane Europe MPD workshop, but it’s getting a bit much by now, we understand.

9. Month #4: Move on, you got the hardest thing out of the way, let’s make some $:

  • MPD is hard, but remember, be kind to yourself. Get back on your horse when you get frustrated. Persistancy is the only thing that matters.
  • This month we look into some fun stuff, but don’t forget your weekly Office Episodes and Doane Classes!
  • You should be making more money/ see a lot more patients by now having a good grip on DNA. Now go and watch Clinic Management Webinar 2 – How to build a successful clinic. Make sure to visit the Clinic Forms Package page, even if it’s just so you understand what documents should be part of a good system.
  • For extra credit also complete Clinic Management Webinar 1 – How to build a successful clinic and go the Office Library and search for the latest updates on Clinic Management and Success Office Episodes to be up-to-date (we constantly improve our clinic management system)!

10. Month #5: You are doing really well! Shall we improve your DNA skills?:

  • Okay, time to put a tag on what you do. Download our free to use DNA and MPD logos and let your patients know what makes you better from the rest.
  • Also, join our referral list system if you like.
  • This month we would like you to focus on DNA again. This time, you are in for mastery.
  • Complete DNA For Internal Diseases Part 1.
  • And DNA For Internal Diseases Part 2.
  • Don’t slack on your weekly Offices and Doane Classes!
  • And yes, you are ready now for the Masters Club. Join! Don’t wait any longer. Just do it. No, really you just gotta do it now. You will regret having waited any longer.

11. Month #6: Meditate:

  • Now that your clinic has doubled patient numbers and income (you should) and your clincic system is running almost by itself, it’s time for the “ultimate truth” and to create a habit that will transform your life – Deep Rest Meditation!
  • Complete Spirituality and TCM.
  • Then go for the Doane Europe Deep Rest Meditation Virtual Workshop.
  • For extra credit, do the Deep Rest Meditation and Awakening Webinar as well.
  • Keep up with the Offices and review a few important Office episodes. Remeber to always take notes.

12. Month #7: You are on your way to becoming a master:

  • Now that you know that you are not the little voice in your head, that this whole world is actually real and un-real at the same time, and your mind is becoming quiter and quiter and you become happier and happier things are looking not that bad, hey?
  • I bet you also love the Masters Club and with the stuff you learned there and the recordings you have plenty of material to study, try out and review.
  • Your clinic is probably booming and you have plenty of people thinking you are the best thing that ever happened to the community. Luckily you know now, that you are not the doer, otherwise your ego would get the better of you.
  • It’s time to get the science down too, now: Complete both Science Webinars (Condensed and Comprehensive). Explain it to your patients or whoever wants to listen to let it sink into your brain.
  • Also, stop by Doane Europe and watch the Health Webinar and any webinar there that you have not watched yet.

13. Month #8: Master MPD:

  • Complete Most Treated Conditions in the Doane Clinic and any webinar in the MPD classroom you have not completed yet like Herbal Streamline or the MPD Case Studies Series. Some information is repetitive, but that’s a good thing. It will sink into your brain so you’ll know even when you don’t know. It becomes 2nd nature or unconscious competence as it’s called.
  • It’s time for the final MPD step: Complete Advanced MPD – Bridging Pulses And Herbs
  • Make sure you are also posting on our facebook group and facebook groups like Chinese Medicine That Works: Tan, Tung, Doane & Travell and are helping others to get started. Learn one, do one, teach one!

14. Month #9: Master DNA and final steps:

  • Complete the Advanced DNA Webinar as well as any DNA webinar you have not completed yet. You probably want to review bits and pieces of last month’s Advanced MPD Webinar as well.
  • If you have not done so, watch all Office Episodes in the Office Library from A-Z.
  • Become more active and enrich the community in the Masters Club with your presence and your questions. Keep mastering the medicine. Make money and do good things for others. With your increased skills and finances you may want to start or contribute to a medial aid program for example. Keep advancing this beautiful medicine and yourself.

15. Mission Complete.

  • Keep up with the lastest action and developments with every weekly Office Episode.
  • Did you know you can get CEUs for many of our webinars too?
    Just visit the CEU Center.
    The tests should be very easy for you by now.

The End/ The Beginning 😉


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