Australia MPD Workshop – Preview

Australia MPD Workshop – Preview


Australia Pulse Workshop Webinar

In this online workshop, Robert Doane will teach everything you need to get started with the MPD (Medical Pulse Diagnosis) system. Robert Doane’s unique, highly structured pulse-diagnosis system allows you as a practitioner to diagnose TCM syndromes as well as biomedical conditions purely by the pulse within less than a minute.

Bob shares with you an unambiguous approach on how to efficiently diagnose a patient through pulse taking, what the pulse can reveal about a patient’s health, and how to prescribe herbal formulas to treat conditions shown by the pulse.

After completing this seminar, participants will:

  • Have the complete outline of how to read pulses according to the MPD.
  • Have the complete outline of how to treat internal diseases with herbal formulas as well as acupuncture based on the pulses.
  • Have the complete summary of Chinese herbal formulas of Robert Doane.

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