Amsterdam Advanced DNA & MPD Seminar 2020

Amsterdam Advanced DNA & MPD Seminar 2020

DNA & MPD Seminar 2020:


Secrets of the Left Cun, Guan and Chi Pulses


3-Day Intense DNA & MPD Seminar



Stayokay Amsterdam Zeeburg

Timorplein 21 1094 CC Amsterdam
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Date: March 6-8, 2020

Time: 9am-5pm


Day 1: The Left Cun

Anxiety, Insomnia, Fatigue, Mental health, & Cardiovascular Diseases

Day 2: The Left Guan

 Depression, Stress, Addiction, & Gastrointestinal Diseases

Day 3: The Left Chi

Fertility, Libido, Exhaustion, Back Pain, & Lower Body Arthritis



3-Day Seminar Regular Price: €650



A background in Distal Needling Acupuncture  (DNA) & Medical Pulse Diagnosis (MPD)  is recommended for attending this seminar.

We recommend having attended a previous fundamental and/or Intermediate seminar or that you have been a member and have watched a DNA & MPD seminar.

All participants will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the seminar.

Maximum Number of participants: 50


Seminar Details

Disorders of the Left Cun, Guan, and Chi are some of the most common, and potentially difficult to treat conditions in Chinese medicine. This advanced-level seminar will help you move beyond seeing the pulses individually and begin to treat the patient in a holistic way. This is an important step in mastering DNA™, MPD®, and Chinese herbal medicine. This seminar will give you the knowledge you need to take on complex and difficult cases with confidence. Don’t miss this opportunity to take your knowledge of treatment strategy to the next level!

This course will feature the new DNA™ method for pain and internal disorders. Robert Doane will demonstrate how to easily and effectively treat your patients using the new anatomically based DNA™ system. Robert Doane uses this acupuncture style exclusively and has built a large and very successful acupuncture clinic in the United States that has helped hundreds of thousands of people! This seminar will focus on applying the new methods on hands-on case studies. So bring your notes from your most stubborn patients!

There will be plenty of opportunities for each participant to practice pulse diagnosis. As a matter of fact, all Advanced MPD® level seminars allocate at least 30% of the time for practicing pulse diagnosis. This seminar will feature a live case study format using the participants as patients. Robert Doane will demonstrate step by step: what pulses he feels, how he forms his diagnosis, how he forms his treatment strategy, what herbal approach to use, as well as the potential difficulties and variations that could come up with each case and how to deal with them.

Robert Doane will also make sure all participants get to feel the pulses of all case-studies, he will correct potential mistakes and will make 100% sure that you will feel and understand the pulse in front of you.


After completing this seminar, participants will have:

  • Hands-on pulse diagnosis experience and correction with Robert Doane.
  • Advanced diagnostic and therapeutic knowledge of the Left Cun, Left Guan, and Left Chi.
  • Detailed understanding of the appropriate herbal treatment strategies based on pulse diagnosis.
  • Herbal protocols for the pulses discussed.
  • Knowledge of when to modify herbal formulas based on the patient’s response.
  • Point prescriptions and methods to modify acupuncture treatments based on the needs of the patient.
  • Knowledge of common difficulties and bottlenecks in the treatment of certain pulses and how to overcome them.

Seminar Schedule:

  • Day 1: The Left Cun: Anxiety, Insomnia, Fatigue, Mental health, Cardiovascular diseases
  • Day 2: The Left Guan: Depression, Stress, Addiction, Gastrointestinal diseases
  • Day 3: The Left Chi: Fertility, Libido, Exhaustion, Back Pain, Lower body arthritis



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Venue Address

Stayokay Amsterdam Zeeburg

Timorplein 21 1094 CC Amsterdam
Tel+31 (0)20 551 31 90




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3-Day Seminar Regular Price: €650

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