Advanced MPD – Bridging Pulses And Herbs

Advanced MPD – Bridging Pulses And Herbs


Advanced MPD – Bridging Pulses And Herbs

The advanced MPD webinar is mainly targeted towards practitioners with a certain level of experience in MPD.

In this webinar, we will bridge pulse-diagnosis and herbal treatment strategies and will discuss and explain these in detail. Clinical practice is never rigid, so in this webinar, you will learn how to be flexible and adjust your MPD in order to make it work in everyday clinical practice. How to adjust your herbs to slight nuances and symptoms the patient is complaining about. Robert Doane will teach you many small tricks and tips that are not covered in the systematic MPD workshops.This kind of clinical knowledge and skills can only be fully explained when dealing with the actual patient.

This whole webinar is about taking pulses of live case-studies from the participants of a Doane Europe- Advanced MPD Workshop and Robert Doane explaining in detail and step by step, what pulses he feels, how he then concluded a diagnosis, how he formed his treatment strategy as well as the potential difficulties and variations that could come up when treating these particular pulses and how to deal with them.

Robert Doane will show you in detail how one should think and strategize in MPD based herbal medicine.

After completing this webinar, participants will:

  • How to bridge pulses and herbs
  • Advanced pulse details on individual case- basis
  • Detail discussion of the appropriate herbal treatment strategies based on pulse diagnosis
  • Herbal alternative choices based on pulse diagnosis
  • Difficulties and bottlenecks in the treatment of certain pulses and how to overcome them


Available webinars in this classroom:

Advanced MPD – Bridging Pulses And Herbs

  • Videos: 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Duration: ca. 5 hours

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