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Uplevel Your Chinese Medicine Practice with Doane Online Education


Whether you are just starting Chinese Medical school or have been practicing for several years, Doane Online Education will uplevel your practice by providing you with a complete training of the entirety of Traditional Chinese Medicine while enhancing your clinic management skills.




What is Doane Online Education?

The goal of Doane.us is to help as many Chinese medical doctors as possible become superior practitioners to better help patients achieve an excellent state of health and wellness.

Everyone who meets Robert Doane is aware of his enormous dedication to the field of Chinese Medicine. The DNA (Distal Needling Acupuncture®), MPD® (Medical Pulse Diagnosis®) and DPM (Doane Practice Management) methods are elevating the presentation and practice of Chinese Medicine in clinics all over the world.

Robert Doane and his clinical team have made it their mission to master:

  • The most effective acupuncture methods to treat pain and internal diseases.
  • The most effective Chinese pulse diagnosis methods.
  • The most effective Chinese herbal therapies.
  • The most effective practice management methods to run a highly successful and profitable Chinese medical clinic.
  • The most effective meditation method to investigate our true nature and revitalize the body.



 What is DNA™ – Distal Needling Acupuncture?

Distal Needling Acupuncture®  (DNA ) is the logical fusion of ancient Chinese medicine and modern anatomy/physiology. It involves unique and precise treatment strategies unlike any other acupuncture method. Because of Distal Needling Acupuncture®, Robert Doane is able to run the largest private Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine clinic in the USA. Through his Doane Practice Management (DPM) program, you will learn how to achieve the same success. DNA came about through comprehensive research into the true concepts behind Ancient Chinese Medicine, which revealed an integrated biophysical model. The vascular system (Jing-Luo)—which includes the internal organs, and elements of the nervous system—connects with the external body systems which contain the musculoskeletal and fascial system (Jing-Jin). These significant connections in the body give rise to the following internal and external physical relationships:

  • Viscero-somatic (internal organ-to-body), 
  • Somato-visceral (body-to-internal organ), 
  • Viscero-visceral (internal organ-internal organ), and 
  • Somato-somatic (body-to-body) 

These connections play a role in—and are important to—health, disease processes, and clinical practice.

In clinical settings, patients manifest symptoms associated with internal-external relationships. The role of a practitioner calls for him or her to discern, diagnose, and treat them effectively.

Comprehensive understanding of these biophysical phenomena as described in Ancient Chinese medicine guide the DNA™ approach and precise treatment application.

The Distal Needling Acupuncture® method is based on:

  • 20+ years of clinical experience, 
  • 400,000+ patient visits; and,
  • Constant refinement of techniques as they demonstrate effective clinical results. 

The culmination of this wide experience—and observation of results—led to this unprecedented acupuncture method distinct in fundamental understanding, clinical terminology, and treatment applications.


What is MPD® – Medical Pulse Diagnosis®?


MPD® is the result of twenty years of high-volume clinical experience.

The unique discoveries and cardiovascular emphasis of this method emanated from continuous observation of same pulse signs and concurrent symptoms in thousands of patients.

It’s important to note that modern medical research continues to support the clinical observations of MPD®.

Chinese Medicine’s millennia-old detailed descriptions of the vascular system and the specific substances of systemic circulation instruct the effective clinical practice in Chinese Medicine. It distinguishes the heart as the ‘Emperor’ organ, emphasizing its principal physiological role in maintaining physical health.

Over many years, Medical Pulse Diagnosis® has categorized refined pulse presentations of the left Cun position representing the functionality of the heart. This system further emphasizes the cardiological influence on many common pathologies, as well as on complicated disease manifestations.

The MPD® pulse positions differ from most traditional pulse teachings, providing an advanced standardization of pulse locations for a more accurate diagnosis. The following comprehensive pulse analysis informs the practitioner of the multiple pathological conditions influencing each patient’s disease expression.

This comprehensive diagnosis serves to guide the most effective Medical Pulse Diagnosis® treatment strategies.



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